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DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the debut album of the biggest European and South American heavy metal project called HELLBONES.

The group was born thanks to the collaboration between Magnus Westman (singer of the Swedish group Mindfuel) and the Argentine producer and multi-instrumentalist Rafael Fidanza (Nordica, Tyrano).

Joined the project; Claudio “Taka” Quesada (from Quesada/Fidanza) additional lead guitar, Patricio Molini (by Nordica) on keyboards, Beto Vazquez on bass guitar.

The album titled "Crossing Borders" contains ten powerful songs in the atmosphere of traditional Hard n Heavy Metal with pure energy and an impressive vocal line.

HELLBONES is influenced by European legends of the old school genre, in fact the great screamer Ralf Scheepers, already with Primal Fear and former Gamma Ray and Tyran' Pace, is also involved in the role of special guest. It doesn’t get better than this if you are a lover of Heavy Metal Rock.

The release will be published on March 15th - 2021.

The digital album is available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Band members:

Magnus Westman: Lead Vocals & Backing Vocals
Rafael Fidanza: Guitars, Lead Guitars, Bass and Keyboards

Guest Musicians:

Ralf Scheepers: Vocals and backing vocals
Beto Vazquez: Bass guitar
Claudio "Taka" Quesada: additional Lead guitars
Patricio Molini: Keyboards
Tracklist and info:

01) Fool to believe
02) Promises we made
03) When night falls
04) In my dreams
05) Gods disciple
06) Flashes of memory
07) Apocalypse
08) Angel or demon
09) House on the hill
10) Beautiful mountains

Recorded at Heaven and Hell Studio, Cipolletti, Patagonia, Argentina

Produced by: Magnus Westman and Rafael Fidanza

Special guest appearance: Ralf Scheepers: Lead Vocals (duet) and backing vocals on "When Night Falls"

Beto Vazquez: Bass guitar on "Flashes Of Memory"

Claudio "Taka" Quesada: additional Lead guitars on "Promises We Made", "When Night Falls" and "Apocalypse"

Patricio Molini: Keyboards on "Fool To Believe" and "Promises We Made"

Artwork by Alvaro Sicardi and Gabriel Outeda (Uruguay)





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After the departure from swedish band ‘Mindfuel', vocalist Magnus Westman began a hunt for a new project.
He was looking for something different, something where he could be a bigger part of the composing.
The search is over and HELLBONES was born!


Rafael have played in bands like Tyrano and Nordica and also runs the ‘Heaven & Hell’ Recording Studio in Cipolletti, Patagonia, Argentina.
He have been recording and producing several bands in the area since 2006.


Founder of the power metal band from Patagonia, ‘Nordica’.
They released 3 full albums and an EP and they are still working on a brand new album.
He have been playing piano and keyboards since he was very young.
Now he is working as a music professor and collaborating with amazing artists.

Guest Vocals

Ralf Scheepers is the current vocalist for German power metal outfit Primal Fear. He has a relatively high-pitched tenor-esque singing voice, although it is his baritone lows which give him a near 4 octave range in the modal register. He has also sung in Gamma Ray, Tyran' Pace. He has also done guest vocals for the bands F.B.I., Scanner, Therion, Ayreon, Tribuzy, Solna and Shadow Gallery and worked with Tom Galley on Phenomena's "Blind Faith" album and now with HELLBONES!


Founding member of the band Odisea in '86, he played with Juan Namuncurá, Albatros and back in 2007, he founded Tyrano together with Rafael Fidanza. Currently he is part of the 'Quesada/Fidanza' project since 2016.

Bass Guitar

Composer and bassist for the great band ‘Beto Vazquez Infinity’. They recorded the first album in 2001, featured performances by Tarja Turunen, Candice Night, Sabine Edelsbacher and Fabio Lione. This was just the beginning! 2 EPs, 6 full albums, 2 live DVD were released since then. And now the new forthcoming ‘Mental Asylum’.


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